RoboThespian from Robots 3D

'Robots 3D' Takes You on a Tour of the Latest Advancements in Humanoid Robotics

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RoboThespian from Robots 3D
RoboThespian is the face of narrator Simon Pegg. Photo: Robots 3D

Robots 3D is an exciting new movie from National Geographic Studios coming to a big screen theater near you this summer. The movie is narrated by Simon Pegg of Star Trek and Shaun of the Dead fame and directed by Mike Slee who is also known for the acclaimed documentary Flight of the Butterflies. Together they take you on a tour of the latest in robot technology, and the results will blow your mind.

I have loved robots since I was four years old watching Lost in Space and the B9 robot back in the ’70s. I have several models and figurines of The Robot around my house and the complete DVD boxed set which I have watched with my kids. A Trip Through the Robot is my favorite episode. Apparently director Mike Slee also has a soft spot for robots, and his enthusiasm and passion shines through in Robots 3D.

I recently had a chance to watch Robots 3D with my family, and we were amazed at some of the advancements robots have made in the past few years. For example, our ability to model robots after ourselves has advanced to the point where you may wonder who the human is and who the robot is. Which is which?

Who is the real person? Photo: Robots 3D
Who is the real person? Photo: Robots 3D

But even if robots still look like your traditional science fiction robot, they are moving more and more like us each day. Take for example, the fluid motions of ASIMO from Honda which are nothing short of amazing and totally impressive. He has more flexibility than some of us jumping high and running at speeds up to 5mph.

ASIMO from Robots 3D
ASIMO Photo: Robots 3D

There are also robots that focus on doing specific tasks, and they do them very well. For example, Justin can catch a ball with a 90% accuracy rate.

Justin from Robots 3D
Justin Photo: Robots 3D

My personal favorite robot from Robots 3D is iCUBa robot designed to look and learn just like a human child. Adorable and fascinating in one little package!

iCUB from Robots 3D
iCUB. Photo: Robots 3D

Your family will marvel at the strides in technology and the capabilities of the latest robots as Robots 3D takes them around the world to the most advanced robotics research labs. Director Mike Slee says, “If you’re interested in humanoid robotics and your age is somewhere between seven and 107, then you’re going to be interested in this film.”

Look at this list of theaters to find where Robots 3D is playing near you, and watch the trailer to get a peek at all the wonderful robots you’ll get to meet in the movie.

You can also download and print a set of fun robot trading cards from the movie. Enjoy!

A free screening of Robots 3D was provided to GeekMom.

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