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I am utterly alarmed that our local Scholastic Book Fair warehouse was having it’s biggest sale of the year and I almost missed it. Never mind the fact that I need to build an extension onto my home to house all my current books, we’re talking 80% off here. Book sales are a great way to pick up old books and new memories. Make sure you don’t miss one near you this summer by using or checking your local papers.

Here are a few must-do’s on my list. If you’re anywhere near Maine this summer, stop by — just don’t take that book I wanted!

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4 thoughts on “Get Thee to a Book Sale

  1. Our public library does sales in the mall sometimes and I almost always find something amazing: Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”, a highschool-level French “Three Musketeers”, discovery books for my son, even a nifty 80’s era choose your own adventure style story! I <3 book sales.

  2. I love booksales, but other than our local library I don’t know where to find them. Any suggestions for those of us in the uk?

    1. Try your local University. I went to Keele in Stoke-on-Trent and our Students Union had one every Wednesday. Local Hospitals have them regularly too, the hospices use them to raise money for hospital equipment. I picked up some old Ladybirds when we were over there in March. Then of course the UK is home to the Mecca of all used book lovers – Hay on Wye. If you’ve never been you have to go, it’s all book stores but most of them are ridiculously cheap.

  3. We’re currently very irritated with Scholastic. Our school’s book fair was a couple of weeks ago, and we got many flyers about all the books — and not one of them mentioned the idiotic toys that were also on sale from Scholastic.

    A 2′ long shiny stick with a plastic pointing finger on the end, $2-3, was one item that sticks in my mind as completely useless.

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