‘Ninja Bunny’: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

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Picture by Jennifer Gray Olson

Do any of you have ninja-obsessed kids? How about kids that have trouble working with others? In either case, Ninja Bunny should be on your bookshelf.

Ninja Bunny is the debut book from author/illustrator Jennifer Gray Olson. Aimed at kids 3-7, it features distinctive and adorable illustrations. The book follows a young bunny who wants to be a ninja, and is trying to teach himself how from a book. (I guess he doesn’t have Google yet!)

According to this book, the most important, number one rule for ninjas is that they “must always work alone.”

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Picture by Jennifer Olson Gray

The book follows our Ninja Bunny friend as he works his way through other rules—be sneaky, have perfect balance, etc.

But what happens when one little Ninja Bunny, armed with nothing but carrot nunchucks, faces down a big brown bear? His friends come to his rescue! And he decides to make his own, new, Ninja Bunny rule: It’s good to have friends who’ll help you out of a jam!

The book has a cute premise and illustrations that stand out. It’s twist isn’t quite clever enough to make this a new favorite, but we will definitely put it in the rotation.

Picture by Jennifer Olson Gray

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