5 Items for Your Geeky Baby Registry

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Hi there new geek parents! As a proud geeky momma to a newly two-year-old little guy, I’d like to share some of my family’s very favorite geek gear.

My single biggest recommendation for any new parents, nerdy or not, is a WubbaNub. These awesome little things are part lovey, part pacifier, and totally cute. Best of all, our son figured out how to grab the attached stuffed animal and get his own paci to his mouth at about 3 months. I cannot even tell you how awesome that was. Two words: more sleep. As a bonus, you can toss these guys in the washer and dryer and they come out looking brand new. In fact, we’re still using ours two years in. Sadly, the awesome dragon one my son used has been discontinued, but luckily, they make other nerdy choices. Pirate octopus? Several kinds of dinosaur? Cute, helpful, and nerdy. at At only $12.95 each, get one for every baby you know.

Another entry in the lovey category is this adorable robot one from Angel Dear. The company makes several nerdy options, but we’re a robot house, and this one is our favorite. In fact, we used this as part of our gender reveal. We got an envelope containing the goods on his goods from our ultrasound tech, gave it to the cashier along with one blue and one pink robot lovey, and asked her to wrap the appropriate one. Then, we went out to dinner and opened our little blue bot! Part stuffed animal, part tiny blankie, and made from incredibly soft, plush fabric, these would make a great gift for any parent, not just us geeks. Most versions cost $13, and if a child really gets attached, I’d recommend buying an extra to have on hand as they are not the most durable toy ever (most blankies aren’t, sadly).

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Speaking of robots, we have also loved our modern-twist Robot Love silicone bib. Unfortunately, the robot model has been discontinued, but they still make some adorable animal choices with the same great functionality. We started using this with solid food at about 6 months, and are still going strong two years later. The bib still looks brand new, wipes clean after eating, and is softer and more adjustable than other silicone ones on the market. I’d recommend buying two—one for the diaper bag and one for home. At $20, I know they’re pricey, but they’re also the only bib you will ever need.

Another item we got a huge kick out of at my house was this Star Trek onesie. We loved to sit him up in his Bumbo and pretend it was a captain’s chair. What photo ops would you create with one of these? I’d love to see a captain and redshirt one! At $15, this is fairly spendy for a simple onesie, but the geek value was high. And bonus: Our little guy grew out of it before he wore it out, so now we’re saving it for #2.

Photo by Sarah James

Finally, what I consider a new frontier of geekdom: Baby Carriers. There are so many to choose from, and many companies are making them in geek-friendly prints. On top of that, you can accessorize them with matching hoods, drool pads, toys, etc. We have owned several, and they really are like a pair of jeans—they don’t fit anyone the same way!

I’d highly recommend trying what your friends have, and possibly even joining up with a local baby-wearing group to try something out before buying. If you’re buying as a gift and you need a solid recommendation, read on.

I’d suggest the Baby K’tan for a newborn. At $50, it’s less expensive, easier to use, and lighter and cooler than many alternatives, plus it comes in some fun colors and patterns. My newborn lived in his, and they’re a lifesaver for needy babies. We used it almost daily, and I’ve loaned it to several friends and it’s still in mint condition. Just be sure to check out the size chart, and order the correct size. For babies and toddlers, I’d suggest the Ergo 360.

The company places a huge emphasis on ergonomics for parents and baby, it’s got a huge variety of carrying options, and is very adjustable for different body types. At $160, it’s definitely an investment, but I have friends still going strong with these with their toddlers.

These were our favorite geek products from birth to age one. Let me know if I missed anything awesome in the comments!

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