Counting Down: One Month to Jurassic World

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I have never been a big fan of overly detailed movie trailers. It was a joke amongst my fellow international students back in college that American trailers gave away the whole movie. In recent years, studios have taken to issuing multiple trailers for a movie, and teasing scenes across various platforms.

I’ve never really been interested in this over population of advance shots until this year and Jurassic World.

I make no efforts to control my excitement about this movie. I posted on Facebook that June 12 was to be my most anticipated day this year, which confused many a friend and relative as I have a c-section scheduled on September 15th!

After an internet-free weekend, I was delighted to find yet another advance clip/trailer from Jurassic World had been released as a television spot. Mostly, it contains already covered footage, but we do see a few new moments around some of the previously seen scenes.

So we now know that the Pterodactyl that gets eaten by the Mosasaurus had been carrying a woman, who is now somewhere in the Mosasaurus habitat. I think I saw her get eaten moments before the Pterodactyl but I’m not entirely sure, and I can’t wait to find out. I hope she’s alive. A Mosasaurus hunting scene would be amazing.

We also see an extended shot of the boys bubble literally being burst by Indominus Rex, and hear some extra dialogue from the delightful Bryce Dallas Howard.

My only problems are having to wait another month for the whole movie, and the fact that I still haven’t found a babysitter for June 12!

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