4 Future Marvel Movie Hints from Thor: The Dark World

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With Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World just out on Blu-ray and DVD this month, fans of the God of Thunder and his “adopted” brother will get another chance to enjoy Marvel’s biggest movie offering of 2013.

This will also give viewers and Marvel fans a chance to catch a few “spoilers” for Marvel’s upcoming movies in 2014 and 2015, both within the content of the film and via some of the disc extras. There isn’t much in the previews themselves that hasn’t already been seen (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and more promoting of all The Avengers: Phase One movies).  However, I will point out that The Falcon and his incredible flight gear is worth a second look.

Here are four glimpses into Marvel Universe’s movie future to get you started:

1. That ending! I have to be very, very careful here. Not to give away anything for those who haven’t yet seen the movie, but I honestly didn’t see that coming. I can’t say I was unhappy with the outcome and I know there’s a flock of fans of the God of Mischief and Lies who just knew he was capable of this, um, stunt. Yes, Loki will be back in the third Thor movie. Although it has been confirmed this will happen, the actual release date is still a long ways away, definitely after 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron release.  So, Loki and Tom Hiddleston fanatics, enjoy the uncontrollable smirk you’ll get when you see this ending and be patient—very, very, patient—for the continuing adventure in the next two or three years.

As for Odin’s fate, let the speculating begin.

2. The mid-credits extra with a special “guest” appearance. In this sequence, you’ll see an appearance by a character, who has been an obscure but essential, clairvoyant, immortal, shape-shifting, and obsessive-compulsive villain in the Marvel Universe, whom you will see in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Judging from the item he has featured in the scene of which he remarks, “one down, five to go,” this character, portrayed by an uncredited Benicio del Toro, could play a big part in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

3. The “Exclusive Look: Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Blu-ray extra.  Marvel’s next big movie comes in early April, so Marvel is cranking up the promotional notches pretty high. The extra will not only give a peek into a little more of the movie’s plot, but will discuss the mystery of who the Winter Soldier actually is. Most people with a vague knowledge of the comic should already know, but I recommend checking out the 19-issue Winter Soldier comic run, which was written by Ed Brubaker for the first five issues and continued through the conclusion by Jason LaTour. If the movie holds true to any part of this latest comic run, Natasha Rominov is going to be a very busy gal.

4. The Marvel One-Shot: All Hail The King short film featuring The Mandarin (aka Trevor). I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Marvel One-Shot extras, as they give great insight to the lesser appreciated and very entertaining supporting characters. It was through A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer that we got to really see for the first time just how badass Agent Coulson is on his own. With Agent Carter, we were able to celebrate Peggy Carter finally getting an opportunity to be part of something worthy of her resourcefulness and intelligence.

The Mandarin’s One-Shot is no different, and Ben Kingsley delivers more great one-liners in this short piece than he did in his entire Iron Man 3 appearance (“Sean Connery made a pass at me.”). Also, for comic book purists who felt the handling of The Mandarin’s identity was just a little bit—okay, a whole lot—off the rails, there might be a hint to a bigger surprise in the future.

This short alone is almost worth the price of the disc, so wonderful Mr. Kingsley’s performance was.

Thor: The Dark World is now available in one-disc DVD or Blu-ray sets, as well as a two-disc version with the Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and Digital HD. It’s currently selling on Amazon for around $15, $18, and $22, respectively.

Note: A Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is not available—something that I would think won’t sit well with some viewers. I do admit that it’s rather irksome.

For GeekMom’s official review of the movie, read Kelly Knox’s review and my commentary on cast member and head baddie Christopher Eccleston.

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