A GeekMom’s Love Letter to ‘Star Wars’

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Star Wars Halloween 1980. Photo: Melody Mooney

My Dearest Star Wars,

How do I begin to share in words just what you mean to me?

Let me first remind you of our tender beginnings.

This picture was a taken on Halloween the year The Empire Strikes Back came out. I saw you almost every week that summer and you changed my life. I bought your toys, played out all your scenes, and spent every day falling in love with you. Dreaming of a galaxy far far away.

As I grew older, I welcomed new loves into my life and space adventures gave way to growing up. I never forgot that summer, though.

My fondness was enough for me to be there for your much-anticipated 1997 theatrical re-release. It was with this newly rekindled love that I suffered the slings and arrow from the haters during Episode I, II, and III. Time moved on and I heard less and less from you. Sure we had the The Clone Wars and we celebrated May 4th every year, but the distance was building. When I became a Mom, I made sure to pass along my love for you to my daughter. It was somewhere between the new parent sleepless nights and the social media geek fatigue that I began to lose my passion for you. My darling truly, it wasn’t you, it was me.

Moving on with my life, there were always reminders. I smiled in passing as my daughter watched Star Wars Rebels. I looked up, wondering when you joined camp with Disney, but there were chores and play dates, and news was hard to make time for. Then there were the rumblings. News was surfacing about brand new material. Perhaps even new movies. I was curious but pushed you out of my mind, instead filling my days with easy reality television and comfort fandom. You tried harder and teased me with a new trailer and Google Earth snap shots from the movie set of the Millennium Falcon. Strangely, I did not fully give into you.

I love you, Star Wars. Photo: Melody Mooney

As with any good love story, it was in the third act that something magical happened. Your second teaser trailer for The Force Awakens was released at the Star Wars Celebration and online.

Seeing that end shot of Han and Chewie returned me to the wonder of that ten-year-old girl. It finally sunk in. You were coming back and it was real.

At Star Wars Celebration 2015 with Kendra and my family. Photo: Melody Mooney

Fearing that my own awakening was happening too late, I cautiously accepted an invitation to your big party. What would I wear? Would you remember me?

I followed the gentle push to the light side from my dear friend, Kendra, who never gave up on you or me. How could I not go? The curiosity won out. It was there that I began to believe in us again. You hosted amazing panels and gave tantalizing announcements. We joined in family events and shopped rows and rows of merchandise. There were gifts you offered like movie props, photo ops, and cosplay from fans and the professionals like the 501st. The event was so lovely. It left me wanting to run away with you to London for next year’s celebration.

What really touched me was to see the faces of the multi-generational fans. So many people love you.

We have a second chance now and I vow to never let the dark side fall on me again.

I ache for December and the chance to see you once again. In the dark where it all started so many years ago.

Forever yours,


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