Fund This! Fleming and John, Single-Use Monocles, and mDrawbot!

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This week, Fund This brings you a new long-anticipated album, ocular protection for the refined gentleman or lady, and the all-in-one drawbot! Happy Funding!

Photo courtesy of Fleming & John Kickstarter.

Fleming & John: New Album 2015
The first campaign I am telling you about almost got it’s own Fund This article, but I took my fangirl excitement down a notch and simply put it first. Fleming & John is a killer musical duo out of Nashville. You can hear the Tennessee influence, but their musical sweet spot—if I had to describe them—is indie/alternative rock and the albums they produced in 90s were incredible. My favorite song “Comfortable” has got to be the most romantic, real love song for couples who have been together a while. Fleming & John have a knack for choosing words and while their music is infectious, their lyrics are insightful. Since then, they have been having kids, making music, running camps for girls, and generally kicking ass in any way they could in the throes of parenting young children (can I get an amen to that?). My excitement was indescribable when I heard they were ready to release another album. I have no doubt that they have grown as artists, both separately and together, and will discover new ways of writing and connecting with their audience. If I had the money, I would pledge so I could write a song with them. In some ways though, their albums have been so joyful, I feel like I already have.

Photo courtesy of Zachary Weiner.

The Gentleman’s Single-Use Monocle
I would think this is self-explanatory, but just in case: This is a disposable monocle for ocular protection. Use it for your Victorian or steampunk adventures, or just to show off. Whatever you do with it, fund it and protect yourself. Because it’s genius. I probably watched the video half a dozen times.

Photo courtesy of mDrawbot.

You know how your mother or the Food Network always tells you not to buy single-use kitchen appliances, no matter how much you want that mini donut maker? A KitchenAid Mixer, on the other hand, can mix, juice lemons, make pasta, freeze ice cream, and more. This is kind of like that, except it’s a drawing robot. With a modifiable structure, it can draw on a flat surface, a wall, spheres, and on the floor. It has attachments that can turn it into a laser engraver and more. Between my husband and I, we have built and/or used individual drawbots that do every one of these functions. It’s a great concept to put them together, and the price point is on target for this market.

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