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Holy Hand Grenade main
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch…a smashing tribute to the 40th anniversary of a comedy classic. Image by Lisa Kay Tate.

I share a birthday with one of my favorite movies of all time–Monty Python and The Holy Grail–and there was much rejoicing.

Okay, it is actually six years younger than me, but according to Wikipedia the movie first debuted in London on April 9, 1975, and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2015.

Not only has this cult comedy classic been high on several “best comedies lists” from Total Film magazine to Rotten Tomatoes, it inspired a Tony Award-winning musical and produced some of the most memorable lines and bits in Python history. Admit it, you’re saying either “Nii” or “I’m Not Dead Yet,” right now.

hhg materials
The main grenade ingredients: Spray paint, a round novelty cup, wooden cross and self-adhesive rhinestones. Image by Lisa Kay Tate.

In honor of this groundbreaking comedy, I give you this exceptionally easy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch craft, based on one of the sacred relics Brother Maynard carries, in which to “blow thine enemies into tiny bits… in thy mercy.”

What You Need
One round or ball-shaped, molded drinking cup
Gold and Silver Spray Paint
Small plain wooden or plastic cross
Self-adhesive rhinestones (found with scrapbooking supplies)

The reason I use the molded drinking cups is they have a flat bottom, so they can hold themselves upright. The small lid is also a good flat area for the cross to sit. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for just over one dollar, and I’ve seen nearly the same ones at Michael’s. These can also be found at party supply stores and sites like Shindigz and Oriental Trading Company.

It doesn’t matter what picture is on them, as it will be painted, and if you can’t find a cup, you can use an old rubber or Styrofoam ball. However, keep in mind the surface on the Styrofoam won’t have a smooth texture.

What To Do

Take the cap off the cup and spray paint the ball gold.

Spray paint the cross and the lid, if you have one, silver.

Attach strip of small plain self-adhesive rhinestones horizontally around the circumference of the ball (like The equator). Next attach four rhinestone strips vertically, at equal distances from each other, so they run from the equator strip to the top of the orb, like the four corners of a compass.

A view of rhinestone placement from the side and the top. Images by Lisa Kay Tate.

Using a glue gun, adhere the cross to the lid, or directly to the spot where the four vertical strips meet, if using a ball. Add one red rhinestone to the center of each side of the cross. Add a few smaller self-adhesive rhinestones around the remainder of the orb, if you want to jazz is up a bit.

Consult the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, Versus 9-21, for proper usage, in case of killer rabbit attack.

Quick trivia: The Holy Hand Grenade was Python’s parody on the ornate Sovereign’s Orb, one of the beautiful pieces of the British Crown Jewels. This craft could be modified to look like this actual relic, if you’re not trying to be entirely too silly.

The Sovereign’s Orb (insert) and The Holy Hand Grenade. Coincidence? Images: Flickr commons (insert) and Lisa Kay Tate.


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