Crafters, Assemble! Make Your Own Captain America Bulletin Board

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Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

It might not be made of vibranium, but your kids will love having Captain America’s shield hanging on their wall nonetheless! With just a few inexpensive items from your local craft store, you can turn a small round cork board into a shield that will always catch your kids’ attention.

Thanks to a sale at Michael’s, I found everything I needed for this project for less than five dollars total.

What You Need

Captain America Bulletin Board

  • Round cork board, approximately 7″ (available at Michael’s)
  • White star (wood or paper), approximately 3.5″
  • Red, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine and thumbtacks or sticky Velcro strips

Get Crafting!

Start by drawing a circle the same diameter as your white star in the middle of the cork board. If you’d like to use a template, take the opportunity to encourage the kids to go on a quick scavenger hunt around the house for circles you could trace. Trace or freehand two more circles so that the stripes are approximately half an inch apart.

Once your lines are lightly traced, begin by painting the middle circle blue.

Captain America Bulletin Board
A coaster and bowl served as my templates. Photo: Kelly Knox

Allow the blue paint to dry completely. Next, paint the two red stripes, keeping the middle stripe free of paint. Paint the outside stripe along the edge of the cork board. Allow the red paint to dry completely.

Finally, paint the middle stripe white, and let it dry.

Next, hot glue the white star into the center of the blue circle.

Captain America Bulletin Board
Photo: Kelly Knox

Once the paint is dry and the hot glue has cooled, flip the cork board over. To hang the board, you can use Velcro strips on the wall, but I’ve had varying success getting those to stick well to cork board. The board is even small enough to glue magnets to and stick on the refrigerator.

You can also take two thumb tacks, and press them lightly in the middle of the board. Tie a string (at least 4″ in length) on the pin of each tack, and then press them in completely. Tie the two strings together.

Captain America Cork Board
Photo: Kelly Knox

The bulletin board is now ready to hang on the wall! Pin reminders, homework, and more on your new star-spangled bulletin board.

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  1. My daughter saw this and said, “Awesome… and we could make Thor’s hammer out of a square cork board!” Well… yeah, maybe.

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