This Saturday Is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!

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Ice Cream Cutie By Lilianna Maxwell

Celebrate Ice-Cream For Breakfast Day this Saturday, February 7th. What? You’ve never heard of this splendid holiday? Gasp! Well, now you do and there’s no excuse. And your kids will love you for it. Here are some resources.

For recipes and random love of the creamy stuff, The Ice Cream Geek has great ideas.

You know you tried this as a kid yourself. Astronaut ice-cream.

Did you know the ice-cream scoop was reinvented?

Go all out and get some Superhero Ice Cream Treat Tubs to make it even more fun.

The Hulk ice-cream sandwiches are cool. They use matcha (green tea) powder, so this tea geek gives them a big thumbs up!

Several ice-cream parlors around the country use this day to raise money for children’s charities. Check if there’s one near you: Make your kids happy and do good in your community. What’s not to like?

Enjoy your sweet holiday 🙂

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1 thought on “This Saturday Is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!

  1. There is a day for everything! But I love it – I am going to have my kids see if they can come up with crazy breakfast and ice cream combos. Pancakes and ice cream or does syrup taste good on ice cream? LOL!! Sounds gross to me but they will have fun experimenting with the possibilities. Thanks for the heads up – I love celebrating all the silly days!

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