Thumb Chucks  Image: Dakster Sullivan

Need to Fidget? Try Thumb Chucks

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Thumb Chucks  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Thumb Chucks Image: Dakster Sullivan

Thumb Chucks are one of the newest toys to hit the fidget scene. It’s a pretty simple toy consisting of just two balls held together between a piece of thick ribbon. Their YouTube page is full of videos on tricks you can learn, but if you find your fingers just won’t cooperate, it’s fun to teach yourself your own tricks and share them online.

Technically Thumb Chucks are a skill toy but you don’t need skills to enjoy them (as my son and I both learned).

The first person to get their hands on the chucks was my 11-year-old son. He immediately decided it was best to use them by spinning them around and did so while working on his homework. I don’t understand how he was able to focus on his homework with the blue LEDs spinning next to him, but it worked so I’m not going to complain.

After a few days of playing with them, my son gave me this brief insight:

“They’re good for fidgeting because you can do tricks with it and you can’t do that with the other things. It’s fun to play with it you’re bored. They will pop off very easily so be careful.”

As my son said, the balls are easily snapped off their cord but this isn’t a design flaw. The purpose is so you can mix them with other colors for other color combinations. I learned the hard way to make sure they are snapped back in tight before playing because those suckers will fly off and away from you if you don’t. Thankfully, they’re softer than a rubber ball, so no harm was done.

For my own use, I learned one very basic trick and I tend to do it when I get my hands on them. Personally, I found the LEDs distracting. My only hope is the batteries die quickly so I can play with them without the blinking.

If you are looking for something that isn’t so mainstream as a spinner or as noisy as a Fidget Cube, Thumb Chucks are a good option to try. They’re quiet, versatile, and can be thrown in your bag when on the go.

Thumb Chucks come in four colors and are available on Amazon starting around $9 a set.

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