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Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

My daughter is two and a half. She loves lots of things, as cute little kids of her age do. Princesses. Play-Doh. Lego bricks. The odd dragon or insect. But what really gets her squealing is our ugly outdoor cat. Jolie, our cat, has long forgotten how to use a litter box or do much in the way of cleaning herself. So, seeing as the primary reason to buy a cat includes that they a) clean themselves and b) use the litter box, she spends most of her time outside. She’s great with the mice, so she earns her keep.

But in spite of Jolie’s less than desirable qualities, whenever it’s cold and we bring her in, my daughter Elodie lights up. “Kitty!” she cries, hands outstretched. Gently, calmly, she pets the cat and says the sweetest things to her you can imagine. Kids are just good that way, I suppose. But then again, Elodie’s never tried to bathe Jolie.

Thankfully, Netflix has provided ample help in the cute kitty department during these chilly days of winter. A whole slew of animal movies and shows are out there, two of which are personal favorites. The Adventures of Puss in Boots series is a spin-off of the Shrek movies, and I’d be lying to say I didn’t enjoy it just as much as the kids. Add to that, for the younger set, there are soft, calm, and fuzzy options, too. This is especially nice when her big brother is hoarding the TV, and she can chill out with the iPad. My favorite? Milo and Otis. Controversy aside, I just love that movie. Maybe it’s Dudley Moore? Who knows?

Check out some more offerings below:

Image: Netflic - Pet-centric shows for kids.
Image: Netflix – Pet-centric shows for kids.

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