TableTop Games Quiz © Sophie Brown

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TableTop Games Quiz © Sophie Brown
TableTop Games Quiz © Sophie Brown

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and here at GeekMom we’re big fans of giving tabletop games as presents. There are tabletop games to suit everyone from preschoolers to grandma, and although many of them are expensive, there’s plenty available for under $20, too. To inspire you to think about giving games this holiday season, I’ve put together a quiz featuring some of the most popular games on the geek circuit. How many of them can you identify?

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2 thoughts on “GeekMom TableTop Games Quiz

  1. Apparently I follow too many board games. I own ~ 1/2 of these and am at least aware of the rest. Formula D just got bumped up in my “want to play” list because of the somewhat unique Roll n Move mechanics it uses. Catan – no interest other than acknowledging its place in getting people interested in more modern games. Thanks for the quiz.

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