Watch Al Roker Attempt to Make History With #Rokerthon

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Will Al Roker make it through 34 hours of nonstop weather broadcasting? Tune in between November 12-14th to find out. Image: Wikipedia Commons/ Flickr user chrisahickey via CC 3.0

Starting at 10:00pm EST tonight, November 12, 2014, NBC weather broadcaster Al Roker plans to break the Guinness World Record for weather broadcasting, currently sitting at 24 hours, although there is a recent 33-hour attempt in Norway that is still in a verification phase.

The live stream will be available through beginning at 9:55pm, Wednesday, November 12, 2014 and will broadcast through 8:00am Friday, November 14th. They’re also using the hashtag #Rokerthon to follow the action on Twitter through @TODAYshow. Why was this period of time chosen? It turns out that November 13th is Guinness World Record Day, where record attempts typically take place worldwide. This event will fit right in!

If you’d like to show support for Roker’s record attempt, be sure to visit his charity’s page at, where he’s part of the USO Comedy Tour’s fundraiser.

I’ve done my share of all-nighters and 36-hour weather forecasting marathons, and I know firsthand that this is no easy undertaking. Mr. Roker has sought advice from health experts about how to safely make it through this, making sure to avoid being too sedentary, eating healthy energy foods instead of sugar and caffeine, and taking the proper breaks that Guinness allows.

Best of luck, Mr. Roker, for a safe and successful record!

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