Next Issue is Having a Black Friday Sale

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If you’re a magazine junkie like me, all those issues pile up around the house and haunt you with thoughts of tree sacrifice. Maybe it’s time to stop hoarding and get a Next Issue subscription for you or the magazine lover on your holiday list.

Next Issue is a subscription app that gives you access to more than 140 popular magazines, including Rolling Stone, TIME, and Entertainment Weekly. No more hauling all of those mags on your next plane ride; just subscribe to the app and bring them all with you on your tablet. It’s like Netflix and ebooks for your magazines.

And, they’re having a Black Friday sale. Usually the subscription is $14.99 a month, but from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can get a three-month subscription for the price of one. That’s $14.99 for three months of magazines versus the regular price of $44.97 for three months.

If you want to give this as a gift to someone, go here. If you want to give it to yourself, go here. Happy reading!

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1 thought on “Next Issue is Having a Black Friday Sale

  1. I’ve had Next Issue for quite awhile now and just love it. Perfect if you like to read magazines and want to cut down on clutter.

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