Behind the Scenes As Lost Girl Approaches Final Season

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If you haven’t had the pleasure, Lost Girl is available on both Netflix and Hulu. It’s a great Canadian supernatural show featuring a succubus, her human BFF, and a whole host of Fae characters. (In this mythology, pretty much everything non-human counts as “Fae,” including the werewolves.) It’s already been announced that the upcoming season 5 will be the last. Their Dragon Con 2014 panels featured Ksenia Solo (Kenzi), Rick Howland (Trick), and Emmanuelle Vaugier (The Morrígan)—who showed up dressed as Pinkie Pie.

The first question for the panel in Sunday’s session was which recurring characters they felt didn’t get the attention they should have. Solo immediately offered Massimo, the druid who specializes in things like making new eyes and hands. “Massimo never gets any love,” Solo said. (“I gave him love,” Vaugier quipped.) “Tim [Rozon] made this completely psychotic person come to life,” Solo continued, “and it was not an easy job. That’s what really made the character work. I wish he was around from the beginning.”

But you want to talk about commitment to a temporary character? Howland revealed that when Raoul Trujillo returned to shoot latter parts of his role as The Garuda, he dropped his pants to reveal a nearly body-length tattoo of the character!

As they approach this final season, someone asked what prop they would take, as actors have been known to do in the past. Solo simply said, “Geraldine,” the name she gave her sword. Vaugier aimed a little higher: “My Valentino leather jacket!”

Howland said, “Trick’s Book of Fae, but it’s a furniture book.” (It has pages in it that are “authentically” Fae for shooting purposes.) Alternately, he mentioned a picture that hung in the Dal’s back room while Hale was the Ash. It’s a woman in grass skirt, and it’s signed, “Thanks for all the good times, Tricky. Delilah.”

“I like that photo,” Howland said. “It reminds me of a picture that my family had in our cottage.”

Of course, what they can all take from the set are the friendships that many casts build over several years shooting together. Solo spoke of those relationships, then added, “But my biggest takeaway is how much this show is loved by you guys and how much that means to us. As artists, you dont want to do something completely in vain. You want to do something with meaning that sticks.”

Lost Girl has gained a lot of praise for its strong female characters, as well as its portrayal of gay, bisexual, and poly relationships. This is largely based in the fact that the main character is a succubus whose nature is anti-monogamy and who requires sexual relationships for sustenance, but it’s greater than that. Lost Girl offers its sexuality boldly, but quietly. There’s no drama over anyone’s sexuality. It just is. They just are. It’s a story of relationships, not drama over whether a girl had sex with another girl (or two).

But there’s always room for humor, and this clearly is a cast that enjoys having fun together. “What alternate universe sucked me up and spit me out as a 2,000-year-old bartender?” Howland pondered. I don’t know the answer, but whatever it is, we’re grateful.

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