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A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a lot of Let’s Play, and a touch of NSFW. You have been warned.


What a wonderful idea for a flash mob!

I was a marching band nerd and was in the band at WAZZU (Washington State University). I love seeing student musicians who are this enthusiastic about current music and standard tunes.

Through the happy/sad song series we found on YouTube, my husband and I have been able to explain to a few people the very basic difference between major and minor keys in music.

Sean Plott is well known for his playthroughs of StarCraft and Hearthstone and has started a weekly Let’s Play with a couple of friends while they work through old school adventure games. Their first game was King’s Quest VI, next up is The Dig. There is drinking and language. By the hosts, of course.

Emily Graslie is a young, hip, female scientist. The Brain Scoop host had fun at a Nerd’s Night Out. NSFW.

We don’t own a PS, so haven’t played The Last of Us. After a bunch of rave reviews, it is nice to be able to watch a playthrough with some interesting commentary.

These are the videos, old and new, that caught my attention this week. What have you been watching?

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