The Adventures of Deadpool Labbit

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Deadpool Labbit Kills The Marvel Universe!  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Deadpool Labbit Kills The Marvel Universe! Image: Dakster Sullivan

Once there was a labbit and his name… was Deadpool. Deadpool Labbit was very sad, because he had no one to bounce his snappy wit at or photobomb. One day, the self-professed “cleaner of the gene-poool” arrived on the doorstep of a geek family. He was so excited to join their group, he decided they were worth keeping around.

Since that day, Deadpool Labbit has graced Universal Studios, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Magic Kingdom, Chuck E. Cheese, Tampa Bay Comic Con, and several other places with his awesomeness. He’s had people ask for his photo and several wanted to know where they could get their own Deadpool Labbit.

Deadpool Labbit’s family told his fans to head to Kidrobot’s website to adopt their own Labbit for $50.00! Everyone was happy to hear that they too could have their own Labbit to buddy around with.

Deadpool Labbit  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Deadpool Labbit Image: Dakster Sullivan

Some people thought that while Deadpool Labbit is awesome, his 7-inch size might be a bit to much for them to handle. “In that case,” replied his family, “check out the mini labbits! They’re only 2.5-inches and can fit in your pocket.”

“That’s funny,” thought Deadpool Labbit to himself. “Could you imagine putting mini-labbit Wolverine in your pocket?” He giggled at the thought of people stabbing themselves with Wolverine’s claws.

With so many adventures already under his belt, Deadpool Labbit (or DL as his family calls him) doesn’t think life can get any sweeter, but it can and it will… very soon.

Deadpool doesn’t know it yet, but his next adventure will be taking him on the Disney Cruise Line to Nassau and Castaway Cay. With characters, food, swimming, and beaches, he might just find time to enjoy himself.

Stay tuned to GeekMom and Deadpool Labbit’s Facebook page for updates on his adventures and escapades. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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