Free Mom Hugs t-shirt modeled

“Free Mom Hugs” at a Pride Festival Near You!

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Free Mom Hugs t-shirt modeled
Image By Rebecca Angel

Every child deserves to be loved. Hugs are a universal sign of love, especially from a parent to child. Sadly, when children grow up and no longer follow the path of their parents, some parents reject their children. This is devastating.

Enter “Free Mom Hugs.”

Ever since I read the article about the mom who volunteered to stand in for mothers who don’t accept their LGBT children, I realized that I would do the same thing in a heartbeat… I wanted to show my support of the community, and it seemed like a great way to do it. I love the idea of standing together at the Pride parade in a pocket of like-minded mothers, offering hugs to anyone who needs them. In gay slang, “family” has long meant “another gay person.” Over the years, I’ve had a number of LGBT folk call me “family,” and I took it as the highest compliment. I see this as a way of letting my family know I’m there for them, that they are seen and very much loved and appreciated.


Heather asked her Facebook circle if anyone would be interested in buying t-shirts to wear at Pride Festivals, t-shirts that let the people there know they are loved and could feel that love through a hug from a mom. “Free Mom Hugs” t-shirts. Many, including me, said yes!

She found a high-quality t-shirt artist named Shiny Penny who would provide Free Mom Hugs. In glitter!

It is a lovely mission. I’m glad to have discovered that there are moms that are able to open their hearts and celebrate diversity. I am honored to play a small part.

—Shiny Penny

My adult son, who is bisexual, receives a gazillion hugs from his family whenever he is around. Not all of his LGBTQ friends have this. Instead of strangling meany-head parents, I will hug their children.

Mom hugs are about unconditional acceptance of self. You are loved because you exist. That’s it. If you exist, you deserve a mom hug. I will most likely go to one of my local festivals and look forward to wearing my shirt and sharing that never-ending well of love that moms have. If you would like to join us in wearing and giving out Free Mom Hugs, please go to the public Facebook page to order. Then look up the nearest Pride Festival near you!

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