PAX Prime: Hyrule Warriors Brings Zelda Fans Together

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Link vs. Dark Link
Link takes on Dark Link at the PAX Prime event. All photos: Kelly Knox

PAX Prime in Seattle is a yearly gathering of some of the biggest video game fans. On Saturday night, Nintendo brought together hundreds of dedicated The Legend of Zelda fans in an event to celebrate the franchise and check out the new game, Hyrule Warriors, coming this fall.

Hyrule Warriors is a departure from the typical Zelda game. If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, you’ll know what to expect, as the same team takes the helm to create a unique Zelda adventure. The action is bigger, louder, and more explosive, with the rare chance to take control of a Legend of Zelda character other than Link. That means you can not only play as Link, but also as some of your favorites from other games, including Zelda herself, Impa, Midna, and Fi, and some new characters introduced for this story. At the PAX Prime event, Zelda fans got their hands on Ganondorf, eager to take on the hordes of monsters threatening Hyrule.

Hyrule Warriors
Link takes control of Ganondorf.

Hundreds of Zelda aficionados arrived for the fan gathering event, with a large number of them in costume. It was easy to see how much these fans love The Legend of Zelda! Not only were they happy to share in their common fondness for the games, everyone in the room was buzzing about the exciting gameplay of Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors will be released September 26, 2014—stay tuned to GeekMom for a full review! In the meantime, check out the happy fans celebrating The Legend of Zelda at this year’s PAX Prime.


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  1. We had so much fun at PAX this year, but really missed the ‘Raising the Next Generation of Geeks’ panel. We recently picked up a Raspberry Pi and the cloudBit starter kit from littleBits and were hoping to see what the panel might have in the way of suggestions on projects or for other items like this. We really hope to see you all there next year!

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