Fund This! Integrated Space Plan, Backstory RPG Cards, Evolution for young kids and Potato Salad!

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For those in the U.S., we hope this holiday weekend was relaxing and fun! We are back this month with a diverse range of Fund This campaigns to pique your interest, including an integrated space plan to launch us into the next phase of space exploration and technology, cards that help RPG players expand their experience, a gorgeous book on evolution for young children, and a guy who wants to make potato salad. Happy Funding!

lunar base
Proposed Lunar Base image courtesy of ISP Kickstarter

Integrated Space Plan, Envisioning Humanity’s Future

I think there is a concerted effort being made right now to create and energize a social movement around space exploration and travel, one that I myself am taking part in.

I don’t think people realize the extent of NASA’s contribution to our technology and our survival.

Their work extends beyond looking at the stars. NASA technology has helped us understand and adjust to things like weather patterns and crop rotation practices, teaching us so much about our own world as we also look at others. While space travel and exploration used to be a priority, this determination seems to have leveled off a bit. I think now is the perfect time to update the Integrated Space Plan, coordinate the efforts of many government supported agencies, as well as private, commercial organizations, and set ambitious goals for the next century.

I would argue that not only is it essential for us to become a community that looks outward again for all kinds of environmental and resource management reasons, but also because much of the technology needed to accomplish this plan also improves life here on Earth.

This may not, at first glance, seem like the sexiest of campaigns, but it is important. One group coordinating the efforts of many into a solid vision is more likely to be successful than anything else being done. On a personal note, the farther along we get in this plan, the more likely it is I can have my own ship.


Logo courtesy of Brooklyn Indie Games

Backstory Cards

Now, this looks super useful. A game for a game! RPG enthusiasts might find these Backstory Cards to be just what they needed, whether you have trouble coming up with good backstories for your characters or you just want to mix it up a little. For some, this will be a relief, for others I think Backstory Cards will help push imagination and the unexpected. Also, Ghost Pirates and Pathfinders (separately from the guys who created Backstory) are big hits in my house. I can’t imagine this project being anything less than awesome.


Grandmother Fish

There is an increasingly good selection of books and more on evolution for kids. At our house, we have a substantial collection. Another GeekMom sent this to me and I fell in love. It is a wonderful, simple, beautiful  introduction to evolution for young children. We have  particularly loved Our Family Tree  and The Giant Evolution Timeline  for older kiddos but Grandmother Fish is a much more appropriate book for the toddler and preschool audience. While fully funded already, I wanted to make sure other parents saw this gorgeous contribution to science education and understanding!


Image courtesy of Potato Salad Kickstarter

Potato Salad

This wouldn’t be proper Fund This coverage if I didn’t include the internet sensation “Potato Salad” campaign.

The dude just wanted to make potato salad, so he set a goal of $10 and now he is at $31,000.  I think people found it amusing. It’s just potato salad. Now the poor guy is confounded on what to do next. I am not actually telling you to give this guy money. I am going to be the voice of opportunity to help others here and suggest that he turn it into something meaningful. Hey, how about make all that potato salad and take it to the food kitchen? Or a women’s shelter. Lots of people like potato salad and $16k is a lot of food. Just saying.

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