Summer + Nerf = A Blasting Good Time!

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Ohh boys! Who wants to play.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Oh boys! Who wants to play. Image: Dakster Sullivan

The latest addition to my family’s Nerf arsenal are the Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus and N-Strike Elite Centurion blaster. The Centurion is almost as tall as my 8-year old son, while the Magnus reminds me a lot of Starlord’s gun in Guardians of the Galaxy.

What makes these guns really special are the darts and their shooting range.

The darts are twice the size of a regular Nerf dart and whistle when shot. Both blasters bring the heat with an impressive shooting distance of 100 feet and 85 feet respectively. The downside to both the size of the dart and the shooting range is the sting that happens when you get hit at close range. My husband and son learned the hard way that shooting each other at point-blank range wasn’t the brightest idea they’ve had all year. I’ve actually had to make a rule (that is rarely followed) that players must be a minimum of 6-feet from their intended target.

Watch out daddy! We are armed and ready.  Image: Dakster Sulliva
Watch out daddy! We are armed and ready. Image: Dakster Sulliva

The sniper-like N-Strike Elite Centurion measures in at a whopping 39-inches in length and packs six darts in a clip. Since my son is only around 54-inches, you could say it’s a little difficult for him to cock a dart into position. Despite the problems he has holding the blaster and loading it, he still has a lot of fun when playing with it. My husband, who stands at 5-foot 8-inches, can handle it with ease and has no problem taking advantage of our son’s lag time when reloading his blaster.

As a cosplayer, I appreciate the Centurion for its sleek design. I’ve already been told more than once that it would go great with my 501st Legion Clone Trooper costume and with some bondo and black paint, I think they’re right.

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus blasters are a bit easier to carry, load, and cock after each shot. This blaster holds up to three darts at a time and sounds really cool when you lock and load. It took my son a few practice games to cock this one right, but he’s since mastered the pullback action it takes to prep it for shooting.

The Magnus blaster is my favorite of the two, because it’s easier to handle than the larger Centurion blaster. I wish it held more than three darts at a time, but oh well. I stuff extra darts in my pockets for reloading.

While the darts are a plus for their size, the design is a bit flimsy. I suggest you purchase a backup set of darts for more fun when you wear out the darts that come with the blasters.

Of all the toys in our house right now, I have to say that the Nerf N-Strike Centurion and Mega Magnus blasters are my favorites because of the fun I’ve had watching my husband and son play with them. I’ve jumped in to a few games, too (and played double agent a few times). They never know whose side I’m really on until it’s to late for them.

Uncle Doug takes his aim at poor Pikachu at the end of the hall.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Uncle Doug takes his aim at poor Pikachu at the end of the hall. Image: Dakster Sullivan

If your family is looking to add a new Nerf blaster to your arsenal, make sure you check out the Nwef N-Strike Elite Centurion an Magnus blasters. Both blasters are available at your local toy retailer and on Amazon for $49.99 (Centurion) and $15.99 (Magnus).

For safety reasons, I encourage all players to wear safety-glasses when playing with any Nerf blaster. Better safe on the battlefield than sorry in the emergency room.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample. 

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