The Summer of Sailor Moon Starts Today

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Sailor Moon
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Viz Media has announced that not only is the new, rebooted TV series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal coming to a (small) screen near you this July, they’re also releasing all 200 episodes of the original series—starting today.

Sailor Moon Crystal
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal © Toei Animation

Sailor Moon was the first series for many fans back when anime was first starting to find its footing in the U.S. In my day, you had to find the mailing address of a fan subber, work out the episodes you wanted and what you had to trade in return, and wait for weeks for the subtitled VHS tapes to arrive. Later the series came to TV in a cringe-worthy dub that still earned its share of fans before disappearing shortly after. Now the entire TV series is back, including the final season, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, and will be completely remastered.

Not only will the series be re-dubbed with new voice actors, changes that were made to character’s names and relationships for the English dub will be changed to match the original Japanese series.

Granted, Sailor Moon is repetitive and melodramatic and a good chunk of the episode is just the transformation scenes. My daughter loves it. She’s seen just a little bit of the live action Sailor Moon 2003 series, and even though she didn’t understand a word, she wanted to see more. Later this year she’ll get the chance when the English dub is released.

The first four subtitled episodes are available today on Viz’s Neon Alley and Hulu Plus, so tune in for some good ol’ fashioned moon prism power.

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