Fund This! Geek Dinnerware, Action Figures for Girls, Build Better Forts, and Compressed Air Rockets!

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I have an amazing group of campaigns to close out the month of May! You are going to thank me! Fancy dinnerware for geeks, action figures for girls that are all heroine and no hooters, fort building taken to a new level, and compressed air gliders that rock the atmosphere!

Photo courtesy of Calamityware


Calamity Dinnerware Plate

This was actually a series of three plates by graphic artist Don Moyer. There will be six plates in the series, but if popular he will go up to 12. If you missed the first two on Kickstarter, you can purchase them at in limited amounts. This plate, third in the series, is the Sea Monster. Words cannot express how badly I want these plates in my home. I have always been a sucker for the juxtaposition of science fiction and history. New into old. These are subtle yet attractive, and show off my geek without being overtly kitsch or loud. Want. Want. Want.


Photo courtesy of IAmElemental

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls

First, I want to commend these designers for making it clear they are not anti-doll, nor anti-princess. They are trying to change the female action figure from primarily pleasing adult male collectors to ones that please the interests of girls. I love their first collection, based on the idea of Courage which includes seven figures: Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear. By tackling archetypes with healthier body proportions that we can relate to, IAmElemental hopes to expand the stories girls are willing and able to tell. Completely real, completely fierce. I am going to need the whole set, thank you.


Photo courtesy of Air Rocket Works

Launch Something! Air Rocket Toys

This is another great project from my friend and colleague Rick Schertle (and his partner Keith Violette) who have started a new venture: Air Rocket Works. There are actually two products I want to point out in this campaign. The first is a newly designed compressed air launcher. Yes, you could build one yourself (we have made several from scratch) but I have also gotten this kit and it is, frankly, much easier and less time consuming. Their new design looks sleek and simple, perfect for those who need a quick, efficient, and working path to start launching! The second product is their new Air Rocket Glider. It is a combination of the paper rockets and the wooden gliders, so that you launch the glider and air pressure holds the wings in until it reaches maximum height, and then the wings unfold to produce a lengthy and graceful flight. I have used Rick’s designs in our programs at Curiosity Hacked for almost two years, and they never fail to entertain and wow. Currently, I am adapting it to teach about rocketry in space, but we have explored many concepts through the compressed air launcher. There is so much you can do with this project.


Photo courtesy of Buildies

Buildies: Build Better Forts

I don’t like to brag, but I am a master fort builder. My children beg me to build my elaborate forts, usually themed on some story and always assuming the floor is lava. I was sent a message about these, and I really loved the concept. The interlocking system would help with stability and the recycled cardboard makes me feel much better about what happens if, okay, WHEN, some of them get destroyed during a hostile take-over. That happens in everyone’s house, right? Best of all, they are open ended and gender neutral!

Happy Funding!

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