Nurse Hallie to the Rescue in a New Doc McStuffins [Video]

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Nurses keep their calm and stay focused on helping anyone in need, no matter what comes their way. If your kids are fans of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, they know that description also fits Nurse Hallie, Doc’s invaluable partner and wielder of the Big Book of Boo-Boos. In a new episode airing next week, “The Big Storm,” Hallie does everything she can to help Chilly and the rest of her friends when a thunderstorm rolls in.

Grab your preschoolers to get their first look at a clip of the hugely helpful hippo in next week’s episode.

“The Big Storm” premieres on Friday, May 16 at 9:30 a.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel. Speaking of nurses to the rescue, National Nurses Week is celebrated every year from May 6, also known as National Nurses Day, through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. If you’re a big fan of a special nurse in your life, take the time to give him or her a huge thank you this week!

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