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As a mom, sometimes it feels like life is just a never ending stream of transitions. From the minute you find out you’re pregnant, life seems to have new rules and new adjustments. Just over a year ago I entered a writing contest with the theme of  ‘transitions’. I know a thing or two about transitions, being the mom to four almost-grown-kids.

One of the biggest transitions I faced was in January of 2004, when I made the decision to have my left foot cut off. With four young children at home, I was tired of having to sit at home because of a deformed foot while my husband took our kids out on adventures. It was not an easy choice. I had no guarantees that everything would turn out better.

For the Transitions writing contest I decided to write about the day I finally decided—firmly decided—that becoming an amputee was a good choice for me.

I was honored to be chosen as a finalist in the writing contest. All of the essays that made the finals were gathered into a book. Last week, the book Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women On Life’s Transitions was released. This collection has my story and so many others, too. Women, and moms, face all kinds of transitions and so often feel alone. This book is a great encouragement that someone else has gone through something very similar. Maybe you’ve never had to decide whether to have your leg cut off. But maybe you’ve had to face infertility and decide what your next option should be. Maybe you have a teenager who is filling out college applications as you try to decide what life will look like with no children at home. Or, maybe you are trying to decide if starting a business makes enough sense to take the risk.

I love sharing this book with you because I love the camaraderie we have here at No matter what your interest or your life season, there is something here for you. This book is an extension of that feeling. It’s full of essays by 73 different women, which makes it easy to read on the go or in that small snippet of time before your head hits the pillow at night. I have a feeling you will relate to at least one of the stories. Grab a copy for yourself, or for another mom you know. You might find yourself nodding in agreement as you dig into its chapters.

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