Help GeekMom Celebrate International TableTop Day!

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Shared freely by International TableTop Day.
Shared freely by International TableTop Day.

Tomorrow, all over the country, board game players will be playing games. Why? Thanks to Geek & Sundry and the show TableTop (with Wil Wheaton), International TableTop Day is a real day where boardgame lovers around the world get together and share their experiences on the internet.

We hope GeekMom readers will join us in sharing their experiences tomorrow with the hashtag #GMTTD (GeekMomTableTopDay). If you are looking to someone to tweet at there is always @geekmomblog, or you can give a big thank-you to @TableTopDay and @GeekandSundry for being the Game Master/Master Mind behind the day.

Are you looking for ideas for throwing your own International TableTop Day celebration? There have been incredibly cool ideas circulating the internet.

Speed Gaming:

What games would you play? The possibilities are almost endless: Love Letter, 20 Express, King of Tokyo (with no cards 10 Victory Points/5 Hit Points), Zombie Dice, Roll For It!, Tsuro, shall I go on? All of these games are quick and would be easy to put at different stations for people to rotate through.

Card Games for TableTop Day Image: Cathe Post
Card Games for TableTop Day. Image: Cathe Post

Card Games:

Aside from the games you see above, there are also card games like Gloom. If you are looking for something that could take more time if you want it to, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a great option.

Scrap all of the rules-heavy games and fall into Fiasco:

A final recommendation for International TableTop Day is Fiasco Role Playing Game. There are tons of scenarios available to choose from, and if you are looking for a more adult game to play, this one starts at PG-13. Fiasco has some dice rolling, but it is mainly for prep reasons. The story and roleplaying drives the game.

Have a great time playing games tomorrow! We can’t wait to see what everyone is playing!

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