Discussing Earth Day: I’m Not A Plastic Bag

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im not a plastic bag archaiaApril 22 is Earth Day, a movement that started 40 years ago and continues to grow and be a vital part of our daily lives. For our children it’s hard to imagine a life where there were no electric cars or reusable shopping bags. While these small steps contribute to a greater good, larger measures have to be taken to sustain our future.

Start talking with your kids about Earth Day at an early age. Archaia’s I’m Not A Plastic Bag by Rachel Hope Allison is a graphic novel with beautiful but haunting pictures of what is actually happening in the world around us. The tale of our own slow destruction of our planet is told through wordless drawings that almost give a Miyazaki-esque quality, scenic yet arrestingly stark at the same time.

plastic bag rainarchaia plastic bag 2archaia plastic bag 3The book also includes information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a real phenomenon where weather patterns and pollution combine to form a massive concentration of floating consumer waste twice the size of Texas, an “archipelago of trash.” There are also easy to understand statistics and resolutions on what we can do together to prevent further ecological damage.

A picture book is a great way to start a discussion with your child about how your family can recycle, save energy and reduce on a daily basis in your home. I’m Not A Plastic Bag is a great jumping off point about how we as individuals can do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and work towards a sustainable future.

I’m Not A Plastic Bag is available from Archaia.

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