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This post is sponsored by American Well.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they’re not feeling well is trying to find the time and energy to head in to a doctor’s office. It’s even worse when you have to manage the kids and drag them into a germ-filled office when they’re not feeling well.  Now, you don’t have to make the trip thanks to American Well.

We do so much online to save ourselves the hassle of having to run all over town, and now you can even visit a doctor from the comfort of your living room, hotel room, or wherever it is you find yourself when you’re in need of medical care. Any time of the day or night, American Well lets you visit with a doctor online, and you can have your virtual visit nearly instantly.

I tried out the service recently and was very impressed. I had visions of the miles of paperwork you need to fill out when you’re a new patient, but it was just a few minutes and a few key pieces of info that they required in order for me to get started. Once your basics are in, then you select your location and they will show you available doctors in your area as well as those located elsewhere.

It’s all virtual, so I can be sitting in the Northeast and have an appointment with a doctor in California within just minutes, which is exactly what happened when I tried out American Well.  It gave me choices of doctors who were available along with their pictures and a short bio so I could choose the one I thought was best for my needs.

Once you know the doctor you want, it’s the click of a button and you have face-time with a physician in under ten minutes. They also have a fantastic tutorial to help you through the video process so that’s it’s not intimidating or confusing. And there’s a button to click so the doctor will pick up the phone and call if you do have some connectivity issues with the video.

You don’t have to feel like you’re cheating on your regular doctor either because they’ll send all the info to them as a part of the visit.  That’s the only person they’ll share it with and only at your request because they are HIPAA-compliant so your personal information is safe and stays private.

Depending on the your insurance, the $49 American Well visit cost may be covered, and the doctor can even call in a prescription to your local pharmacy if they determine it’s needed as a part of treatment. American Well is a low-cost, convenient, and secure way of getting the medical care you need, when you need it and you can try a visit for free!

Not convinced? Well, simply sign up by the end of April 2014 and the code GEEKMOM will be good for one free visit within the next year. Give it a go!

If you’re tired of the hassle of scheduling an appointment in an office and finding the time to actually keep that appointment, then give #AmericanWell a try and experience the ease and convenience of online physician visits.

This post is sponsored by American Well.

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