Rey Swimwear Adds Girl Sizes in Crowdfunding Campaign!

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Admittedly, I’m a little fussy when it comes to swimwear. If I am near water, I tend to be active and need swimwear that will perform. Unfortunately, all the swimwear that has met that need comes from companies that take more of a sport vibe with their swimsuits, which is not my style.

I originally found Rey Swimwear when I watched this incredible talk on the history of the bikini on QIdeas from founder Jessica Rey. I loved her speech, how she stayed away from shame and decided to build a company based on taking back control of what we feel comfortable wearing. Modesty isn’t a bad thing, and there are those of us who delight in having a swimsuit that is both flattering and modest. I personally own three of her suits, all perfectly cut with exactly the right amount of coverage, all vintage inspired which is definitely more my style. Every single time I wear one, women compliment my suit and ask me where to get one for themselves!

Photo Credit: Rey Swimwear

I was excited to see that Rey Swimwear is now offering girl sizes 4-15 through a crowdfunding campaign. To meet their minimum manufacturing order, they are taking pre-orders for girls swimsuit for one more week. If they meet their goal, they will be able to start offering girls sizes on a regular basis. They are well priced, and the same vintage inspired design as the adults. I have already put in my order for the adorable yellow Madeline, but I am tempted to go for an Eloise as well!

Not only is this a fantastic, women-run company to support, but I like the idea of having one more way to show my daughter that she can look stylish and beautiful without the inappropriate sexiness that we are bombarded with at conventional shops. If you want to get in and help show Rey Swimwear we are behind them, check them out soon!

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