Journaling with Tweets: GameStorm Day 4

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Dear Internet Diary,

We came back for the last day of GameStorm. We are tired, but don’t want to miss gaming—plus we want to sign up for next year!

Since our daughter came back with us today, we ended up visiting the Pixel Art Paradise booth. If Bane cards were the hottest game at the convention, then pony clip ears were the hottest accessory. My daughter ended up with purple for Twilight Sparkle and my son ended up with blue ones for Rainbow Dash. I figure at the very least they can come in handy at Halloween or for cosplay.

Yet another Gamesicle game: Junkyard King is a game that is already available. Considering my love of small, quick games, I was very happy to find another game I could just throw in my purse that my kids can play.

By the time we got to mid-day, we had enough energy left for one “big” game. Sarah Sharp (of Bonsai Games) really wanted to learn how to play Agricola, so we did! For a farming game with a ton of pieces that took quite a bit of time to set up, it was an interesting farming game (and worth all of the little pieces). My daughter probably would have really liked this game too, but she was asleep on the floor (under the table). She had a very busy weekend!

While we were waiting for Agricola to start (and before my daughter finally hit the fun wall and hibernated for the rest of the day), we played Buccaneer Bones. Though a game of chance, it was another one of those quick/small games I tend to gravitate toward. Sarah had won the game earlier in the weekend. This is another thing I like about this convention: there are so many games to check out, buy, win, or earn (by running games).

Gamestorm has come to a close. My family is registered for next year. There is more gaming and live tweeting tomorrow (playtesting a new RPG). Is it all too much? No. There are never enough games.

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