Fund This! Bras, Bacteria, and Bravery

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Welcome to this edition of Fund This! From bras for young girls, to bacteria in the fantasy realm, to the bravery and commitment of a single mom in Mexico, this week’s amazing campaigns offer a healthy balance of incredible products and inspiration!


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Started by a young woman who was appalled at the bra choices for her younger sister, Yellowberry bras are a great alternative to what is currently being offered by the industry. Focusing on the needs of young, developing bodies, I like that they are ergonomic and modest yet modern and fun. While my daughter isn’t quite there yet, my oldest son is in this age category and many of his female friends are reaching this stage. Their moms and I all agreed that these are finally giving us all what we would want: a great first bra that promotes confidence and health. I also love that this young female entrepreneur saw a need and went for it. Yellowberry has launched this Kickstarter to help them manufacture, market, and grow. By the time my daughter needs this product, I hope my support now will have helped launch them into becoming a staple in the industry for tween and teen girls.


Photo courtesy of the Bacterionomicon Kickstarter

The Bacterionomicon

This campaign caught my attention because, well, it’s just plain cool. A fantasy art bestiary of bacteria and the antibiotics that fight them, this amazing book is based on the game (and can be used as an expansion of) Healing Blade but can also be enjoyed on its own. I can’t get enough of the  art, which mixes fantasy RPG flavor with accurate science. Beyond the obvious fan base, I could see using this with students of all ages as a pathway to exploring microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology. It reminded me of the fantasy encyclopedias my kids and I love (Piratology, Dragonology, etc) with a new twist!


Photo courtesy of the LUCHADORA Kickstarter

Luchadora: A Documentary Short

This campaign was forwarded to me, and I was immediately drawn to the story. Luna Magica is an aging Luche Libre star in Mexico, who dreams of becoming a world champion. Not only has she had to fight for a place in the very male-dominated culture of Mexican wresting, but she has done it all as a single mother. She is raising her daughter with such bravery and fortitude, but her husband has taken her son and has refused to let Luna see him, because of her career choice. My heart breaks for her. I can’t imagine being forced to choose between my dreams and my children. It is such a harsh way and, as a mother, I don’t want to imagine the agony of being separated from any of my children. I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens, hoping against all odds that she is able to regain custody of her son and fulfill her dreams. The sad part is, that while her story is captivating, it is a symbol of what often happens to single mothers all over the world. Perhaps this will help shed more light on this very real problem.

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