That Time Zombies Reached Out From a NYC Sidewalk Grate [Video]

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Walkers Lurk Below the Streets of NYC, Image: AMC

Thanks to The Walking Dead, zombies are all the rage these days. It doesn’t even have to be Halloween anymore for people to make zombie references. You’ll see untold numbers cosplaying as zombies at every convention, and if you live in New York City, they may have grabbed your ankles through a sidewalk grate.

I hate walking over those big grates because I was once told a horrible story about one giving way and a person falling to their untimely death. I was maybe eight at the time, but it’s stayed with me and to this day I hate walking over those grates.

Thanks to AMC, I’m thinking there are a few New Yorkers who will never, ever, ever walk over them again.

To promote the return of The Walking Dead this Sunday night at 9pm, they staged a little prank. It started with setting up what looked like a construction project complete with orange-vested workers and a big tent erected over a section of grates near Union Square.

The fake workers installed modified grates with spots that would pop loose for zombie hands to reach through while makeup artists create a little horde of Walkers. The Walkers crawled into the space beneath the grates and then all they had to do was wait for innocent, oblivious New Yorkers to wander past.

Yup, never walking over a sidewalk grate again. Ever. For the rest of my life.

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