Introducing Logitech’s Global Fan Collection

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Global Fan Collection_Top View_USA
Global Fan Collection USA mouse, photo courtesy of Logitech. Used with permission.

The Winter Olympics are getting started this weekend in Sochi, and coinciding with the international games the Logitech M317 wireless mouse is getting a makeover.

Logitech announced today that the 14 different designs in the Global Fan Collection are all inspired by flags from around the world.

Global Fan Collection_Angle View_Argentina
Global Fan Collection Argentina mouse. Copyright Logitech, used with permission.

So if you’re really fanatical about showing your national pride everywhere possible, here’s another way to do it. I’m kind of digging Argentina.

These are also some very solid mice. They have Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking for extra precision, and a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The extended battery life also means you can go up to a year without a battery change.

Global Fan Collection_Top View_Brazil
Global Fan Collection Brazil mouse. Photo courtesy of Logitech, used with permission.

Why not add some patriotic flair to your computer setup? The mice are available for $29.99 on Logitech’s website.

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