Beauty’s Got Muscle: A Girl and a Car Proving Women Can Do Anything

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Beauty Got Muscle
Image: Beauty’s Got Muscle

We’ve pretty much established at GeekMom that you can be a geek about anything. It could be comics or movies or knitting or tie-dying, or even cars. That’s the case for Katie who has had an ongoing love affair with a ’78 Chevy Nova that she rebuilt. And she’s on a mission.

When you think women and cars you likely don’t think of the women covered in grease and dirt, ripping apart an engine and lovingly putting it back together again. You probably think of what we usually see, which is a model draped over the hood of a car, posing as a piece of eye candy.

Katie is a beautiful redhead who, I’d imagine, could pose and pout with the best of them, but she chose instead to get some grease under her nails and rebuild “Ned Nova.” She’s as passionate, if not more so, than any guy has ever been about a car.

Katie rebuilt Ned Nova with the support of the amazing team at S&P Classics who taught her what she needed to know to do the job. She started out by asking them if she could apprentice at their shop, and they agreed, but they were the ones to suggest she learn by working on her own car.

Katie and Ned Garage
Katie and Ned Garage

The video of Ned’s rebuild is technically about a car, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as the story of a young woman learning how to embrace the things she loves despite naysayers. I see it as learning how to live for the moment and do the things you never knew you could do. I see it as not letting anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because you’re a girl.Now that Ned is fixed up better than new, Katie is taking him on a mission to find other like-minded women who love cars. She thinks it’s about time that women weren’t seen as an intrusion into the man’s world of cars, but as equal players on the field. I happen to agree with her.

Watch the video below and then share it with the girls and women in your life because we all need to know that we can do any damn thing we set out to accomplish!

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