Exclusive! Discover the Secrets in Tesla’s Attic

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It’s no secret that many of the GeekMoms are fans of Nikola Tesla. In February, an intriguing new fiction trilogy that pays homage to the inventor and scientist kicks off in Tesla’s Attic.

As book one in the “Accelerati Trilogy” by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman, Tesla’s Attic introduces us to Nick and the unexpected twists his life takes after an unimaginable tragedy.

Fourteen-year-old Nick, his younger brother, and their father move into a ramshackle Victorian house after their old home burns down. But when Nick opens the door to his attic room, and is hit in the head by a toaster, it’s just the beginning of some weird experiences. After getting rid of the odd antiques in a garage sale, Nick befriends some local kids–Mitch, Caitlin, and Vincent–and they soon discover all of the objects have extraordinary properties.

teslas-atticWhat are these strange objects Nick has discovered? And how is it all tied to Nikola Tesla?

Middle-school kids who love science and supernatural adventure–and readers of all ages who have a soft spot for the artifacts of Warehouse 13–might find Tesla’s Attic to be right up their alley.

Here’s your chance to get an exclusive first look at the full feature-worthy trailer for the first book, courtesy of Disney-Hyperion. Tesla’s Attic hits bookstore shelves on February 11, 2014.

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