Advent of Christmas Past: Our Pirate Christmas Island Adventure

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What happens when Pirate and Christmas Playmobil Advent Calendar lands collide? Well, in the case of the Advent Calendars I found for my kids (Playmobil Forest Winter Wonderland and Pirates Treasure Cove), my husband decided to make a photo story out of the treasures that were opened each day. Come join us as the Christmas and Pirate Playmobil Advent Calendars are opened and hi-jinks follow…

Playmobil is a big hit in our house. Finding these Playmobil Advent Calendars on clearance over the last year made for a really exciting December for the kids. They were able to expand their Playmobil universe, and dad was able to share his quirky sense of humor with our kids and with friends on Facebook. Since he only shared a few days on Facebook, he has gone back through and taken a picture for each day so that I could share the complete collection with you.

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2 thoughts on “Advent of Christmas Past: Our Pirate Christmas Island Adventure

  1. Ha! Love it! We had the Forest Winter Wonderland calendar this year (the girls dubbed the scene “Paper Christmas”). It was the first time we’d done an advent calendar and they loved it. We were all a little sad when we opened the angel and it was all over. I might pick up the Pirate one for next year.

    1. Cool! Ours had Santa on the last day. This year our plan is to pick up different mini sets through the year and then divide them into 48 advent calendar pockets (on calendars we already have). Who knows what the theme will be 🙂

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