Ringing in the New Year with Cards Against Humanity

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Image: Amazon.com
Image: Amazon.com.

Okay now, a show of hands.

How many of you play Cards Against Humanity, “a party game for horrible people?” It’s the politically incorrect, edgy, awkward card game! Now, how many played it on New Year’s Eve with friends and/or family? I can’t believe I’m admitting how much I love this game! I probably shouldn’t admit how good I was the first time I played it, either. It really brings out the sick sense of humor in everyone, doesn’t it?

A small group of us got together on New Year’s Eve and we decided we wanted to play the game. However, none of us had the game. We lamented briefly about not having the game, then contemplated going out to Target to try to find the cards right then and there. One of us then read on their website that we could download all of the cards free of charge under a Creative Commons license: 29 pages’ worth!

Wow, for it being the gutter-minded-iest, rudest game you will ever play, I found it so gracious of the company to give it away for free. What a great way to suddenly have the card game you want available! You can read more about the geeks who invented the game here.

The party hosts checked the ink in the printer, loaded up card stock, and got going with the printing. Then we party guests spent another hour with scissors and rotary paper cutters getting the cards ready. We played through just about all of the black card questions! And we kept having to shoo the kids out of the dining room.

I know that the game has been around for a while. In fact, GeekMom Ariane previously discussed a 2012 holiday promotion where the company offered an expansion pack for any donation you felt comfortable giving. All the proceeds went straight to the Wikimedia Foundation.

On New Year’s Eve, I shared on my Facebook feed that we were cutting out the cards and playing the game. I was tickled to learn how many friends of mine were also playing, not only with friends, but also with family!  So many of the GeekMoms were playing as well! I’m not sure how well I could play with my family; what about you?

Something else I learned about was how many people quietly Google some of the words on their smartphones, while sitting at the table playing. In fact, one of us Googled “swooping” and the Urban Dictionary definition gave us away and resulted in plenty of LOLs at our table.

Do you play Cards Against Humanity? Do you feel as awkward as I do playing it?

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