The Fall of the Christmas Sweater

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The ugly Christmas sweater. A few years ago you couldn’t have paid most of us to wear one and yet during the 2013 holiday season you couldn’t take a step without seeing one. Traditional ones, rude ones you couldn’t possibly wear in front of your Great Aunt Mildred, even ones that light up or play animations–2013 was clearly the year of the ugly sweater.

But now Christmas is over and we’re slowly getting back into our routines, so what do we do with our often rather costly, sweaters? When exactly should you stop wearing them? Well it seems there are several schools of thought on the subject:

A: December 26th

Christmas is over, the stores are open again and we’re all just tidying away the aftermath. Time to pack the sweater away ’til next year.

B: New Year’s Day

The celebrations often continue on until New Year’s Eve with extended visits to or from family and friends. Keep the sweater love going throughout the celebrations with one last hurrah on New Year’s Eve before putting it away for good.

C: Twelfth Night

Tradition states that Christmas decorations should be taken down by the end of Twelfth Night or bad luck will fall upon the household. Surely Christmas sweaters fall into this category (after all they decorate our bodies to an extent) so they should stay out until the tree and other decs are packed up too?

D: You Shouldn’t

You paid good money for that sweater and it’s a perfectly practical and serviceable item of clothing, especially given the current weather situation. Why would you pack away something of use simply because of how it looks? Keep wearing it until the climate means you no longer need to.

Which category do you fall into? Did you pack the sweater away with the turkey leftovers or are you still using it as an extra layer against the “Polar Vortex”?

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