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Web Superstar Professor Walter Lewin

I didn’t get physics in high school. All I remember was Mr. Cleaves rubbing a wand and the rude comments the demonstration sparked (no pun intended). But I loved calculus and photography. Now I know why. It ‘s always the teacher. Finally, I get physics and it’s all because of Walter Lewin, Professor of Physics, Emeritus at MIT.

It seems I’m not the only one. A note to Professor Lewin from a florist was reprinted in The New York Times:

“I walk with a new spring in my step and I look at life through physics-colored eyes,” wrote 62-year old Steve Boigon. “Thank you with all my heart.”

I’ve been watching Course 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics. Lectures for wider audiences are also available. Check out the “Wonders of Electricity and Magnetism” Lewin gave at the MIT Museum for the Family Adventures in Science and Technology Program.

I promise, you will fall in love with Professor Lewin. If you don’t, you’re not a geek.

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