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2013 Recap!

YouTube has a unique rewind of all their top videos of the year: They asked popular channel stars to recreate scenes from those famous videos to a soundtrack of 2013. How many do you recognize?

If you need the explanations, you can watch the original videos here (I have to admit, I watched Miley Cyrus for the first time. I couldn’t make it through one of her videos because she was licking a metal bar and I was worried for her, “That’s not safe! You shouldn’t lick metal!”)

And then here’s a nerdy Harvard Medical School parody from one of those famous videos; this one is called, “What Does The Spleen Do?”

Random videos:

Why did I not hear of this sooner? The people who brought us “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” are at it again, this time with a modern blog version of Emma.

I run a history club, and we were talking about the role media plays in the government. One of my students shared this with us, wondering, “I want to know who are the guys in black hooded robes in a secret room writing all this?” It makes you wonder…

And holiday fun!

I’m sure you have been sent this link by a Star Trek geek in your life, but in case you haven’t yet, here is Christmas-time, Picard-love:

Here is a twisted take on Santa. It’s short, strange, and made me laugh:

And finally a beautiful wintertime song called “Identical Snowflakes” by Hem. A sweet story of two snowflakes “falling” in love. Be sure to check out the lyrics.

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