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Doxie Flip: Scan Your Story

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Doxie Flip  Image Doxie
Doxie Flip Image Doxie

I’ve been wanting to digitize my many boxes of 4×6 photos, but sitting at a desk all day scanning is not my idea of fun. When I saw the Doxie Flip, a cordless scanner the size of a book, I saw freedom from hours of sitting at my computer.

Why is it called the Doxie Flip? Because the top of the scanner comes off so as to allow the user to flip it over and scan whatever–including pages of books, notes, objects, and anything else that can fit on the 4×6 flat bed glass. My son and I got creative and tried scanning our hands and faces in a dark room. The results were both funny and creepy.

There are several aspects of the Doxie Flip that I think make it unique.

  • Cordless: There are no wires or connection to a computer required to scan your images. If you would like to convert your images to PDF, you will need to put the SD card in the computer and run the Doxie software.
  • Speed: Doxie Flip scans an image in roughly seven-seconds at 300 dpi (it can scan up to 600 dpi).
  • Economics: For $149.00, the Doxie Flip comes with everything you need, including a 4GB SD card and SD card adapter for your computer.
  • Size: The Doxie Flip is the size of a standard book and weighs in at just over 1lb. This makes it the perfect size to slip into the diaper bag or backpack for on-the-go scanning.

Some people might see an issue with the size of the scanning bed and its lack of being able to digitize 5×7 or larger photos, but the trade off is a smaller device that you can carry pretty much anywhere. To me, that’s worth not being able to scan 5×7 or 8×10 photos (besides, you don’t want to put your desktop scanner completely out of work, do you?).

At the end of the day, I’m very happy with my Doxie Flip and the many things I can scan with it. As a mother and avid film photographer, I couldn’t be happier with both the cost and the freedom the Doxie Flip gives me in getting my photos digitized and organized.

Doxie Flip is $149.00 and is available through Doxie’s website and on Amazon with free two day shipping for Prime members.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample. 

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