Stride and Prejudice: A Jane Austen Endless Runner

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The two modes of Stride and Prejudice

I had you at “a Jane Austen endless runner” didn’t I? I’ll keep going anyway… Can you think of a better way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice than with an adorable little Lizzy Bennet as she jumps through the sentences of the novel? Me neither.

This Stride and Prejudice app is the latest from my friend Carla Fisher and her crew at No Crusts Interactive, who brought us the Williamspurrrrg app of which I was also quite fond. This endless runner begins as it should, on Chapter 1. Little Elizabeth Bennet, who almost looks as though she’s been embroidered onto the scene, jumps through the entire text of Pride and Prejudice. The text is thoughtfully broken down into full sentences or at least full thoughts, which actually makes it quite a readable.

Ms. Elizabeth Bennet begins her journey.

There are two different modes in the game. In Survival Mode, you have to start over from the beginning each time Ms. Bennet falls into the abyss. If you’re serious about reading the book, though, check out Reading Mode where you can begin where you left off. Quite thoughtfully, there are settings that let you adjust the color of the text and the background to what’s most readable for you, and you can adjust the speed to either making it a more exciting game or a reading experience with more longevity.

I really hope to reach a point in the app where Lizzy jumps into Mr. Darcy’s arms.

Your failure is softened by a wide array of Jane Austen quotes.

Stride and Prejudice is only $0.99 and is available for both iPhone and iPad.

GeekMom received a copy of this app for review purposes.

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