Fun With Vintage Comics

DIY Featured GeekMom
By Rebecca Angel

Last week I had an unexpected night free and ran over to Tiger Trap Studios, a local art place. The owner, Ira Marcks, has monthly adult collage nights (BYOB). I’m not an artist. I write songs, stories, posts on GeekMom. But I can cut and paste with the best of them, and an evening of only adults sounded like heaven. I made myself a to-go cup of cocoa with rum and headed out.

Oh, it was fun. I found a pile of old comics that I was appalled and fascinated with. I ended up cutting out several characters and swapping speech bubbles to create odd and silly collages. Up top is just one example. I’m not sure I should show the rest in public. Heh.

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to start chopping up old comics lying around, who knows what is worth a million dollars. But I’m sure every comic store has a pile of no longer wanted issues lying around for cheap (or free). That’s the pile to have fun with. Have your own adult-only collage night with comics. Don’t forget the rum!

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