GeekMom 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing

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Is there a geek in your life who wears their geekiness everyday? Many of our GeekMoms suggest these fashionable accessories and pieces of attire as gifts this holiday season.

Book Scarf Image www.etsy.comshopstoriarts
Book Scarf. Image: www.etsy.comshopstoriarts

Storiarts Book Scarf Wrap the page of a good book around your neck. Storiarts Book Scarf™ is created from American-made, cream colored, super soft 100% cotton jersey knit fabric, about 65″ in circumference and 12″ wide. Fabric has been doubled over and sewn along the edge and at the center to create a thick, chunky, and moldable “page.” Choose a page from Sherlock Holmes, Romeo & Juliet, Wuthering Heights, Anne of Green Gables, and many others. We’re partial to The Raven. $42

Hadaki tote Image
Hadaki tote Image:

Hadaki Cool Tote This tote bag comes in seven cheery designs. Each can be wiped clean thanks to coated cotton, featuring 3 interior pockets, one exterior pocket, with plenty of room for your tablet along with other essentials. $50

ScotteVest Travel Vest
Scottevest: Image: Scottevest

Scottevest vests and clothing We all have many (too many?) gadgets that we carry around on a daily basis. Most clothes have pockets, but many aren’t designed for holding specific kinds of things, such as iPods, phones, even tablets. Scottevest is a company which makes versatile, high quality clothing in many different styles to hold all of our things, be they electronic gadgets or baby pacifiers. These are items that you will wear for the rest of your life. $125 for a vest

R2-D2 tunic: R2D2 hoodie. Image: Her Universe

R2-D2 tunic This R2-D2 tunic from Her Universe is a great gift for Star-Wars-loving GeekMoms, and it now comes in kid sizes, too! $40 (adult), $35 (kids)

TannimCustomChucks - Photo by Tannim, used with permission
TannimCustomChucks. Photo by Tannim, used with permission

Tannim’s Custom Chucks You know what your wardrobe is missing? A custom pair of Converse high tops that show off your fandom allegiance. Tannim’s shop covers everything from Game of Thrones to My Little Pony, and the Doctor Who versions are pretty spectacular. Orders must be placed by 11/15 at the latest for holiday shipping. $115

Screen Captures
Totoro Kigurumi Pajamas. Image: Amazon

Totoro Kigurumi Pajamas Adult full-length pajamas. Need I say more? There are also Totoro Feet Slippers if you wanted the full footie-pajama experience from your youth. $26

GoFollowRabbits skirts - Photo used with permission
GoFollowRabbits skirts. Photo used with permission

Custom Skirts by Go Follow Rabbits The incredibly cool Mars Rover skirt from Go Follow Rabbits was worn by one of our readers in our Geek Chic Fashion spread, and now we’re hooked. GeekMom Jackie is especially coveting the Doctor Who and R2-D2 skirts. Orders must be placed by 11/21 for holiday delivery. $45.99-$54.99

GapBatmanMittens - Photo from the Gap website
GapBatmanMittens. Photo from the Gap website

Gap Superhero Mittens Junk Food’s line of comics-inspired kids clothing is the best thing to happen to The Gap in a long time. Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman mittens are available. $16.95

Fullscreen capture 11102013 81107 AM
Lego Star Wars Crossing

Lego Star Wars Crossing Zone T-shirt Lego Star Wars guys re-creating the famous Beatles album cover. This shirt represents the best of building and music geekiness. $10.50

The Princess Bride Tshirt Image:
The Princess Bride T-shirt Image:

Princess Bride costume T-shirt We are huge fans of The Princess Bride in this household, so is it any surprise that I fell in love with this t-shirt featuring the very recognizable costumes of my favorite characters? Twue wuv! It is, however, inconceivable that they don’t offer a women’s cut. (You mock my pain!) $20

Lego Wrist Watch Image Lego
Lego Wrist Watch. Image Lego

Lego Brick Watch Check out this cool watch that looks like it’s made out of Lego bricks! $18.03

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