100 Family Outdoor Adventures

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Kids in the Meeks family went a year without watching TV or playing computer games. Instead, Amy, 10, and Ella, 8, completed 100 outdoor challenges in the vicinity of their UK home. They went snorkeling, celebrated a birthday outside, made a rope swing, went winter camping, tried whittling, attended a music festival, spotted wildlife, enjoyed geocaching, and much more.

They recently completed their last challenge. The kids can go back to screen time. But after such an enlivening year, they now watch very little TV. Instead the sisters are making a list of new challenges for the next 12 months.

The Meeks family adventures are documented on their inspiring site, Do Try This at Home. All 100 ideas are listed, each with a photo and additional details.

Ready to make up your own set of challenges?

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4 thoughts on “100 Family Outdoor Adventures

  1. I love the 100 Outdoor Challenges, but it drives me bonkers that it has to be pitted against screen time. I’m a game designer, and it’s my job to make things for the screen that are worthy of kids’ time. There’s room for, and value in, both.

    1. It’s different than I’d do this in my family too Amy. A new family focus on adventure and fun doesn’t have to be imposed. It starts with making up the list of challenges collaboratively.

  2. Love this post, Laura! I am always open to new ideas of things we can do with kids and a lot of these can be used with older kids too, which is nice. Great post!

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