On Babies, Glasses of Water, and the Peril of iPhone Ownership

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When my son was two years old, he was fascinated with every device in the house. But none took his fascination as much as my cell phone. Any chance he got, he tried to grab at it, talk at it, throw it, spin it, crash it. I’m not sure what it was about it (especially considering how little I talked on it) but it was a magnetic connection.

Then one day: the inevitable. I was working from home, typing away and trying to get some client work done, when he swooped in and, in one quick motion, dropped my phone directly into the full glass of water beside me. It was one of those slow-motion responses. It took a few heartbeats for me to even realize what had happened, and when I went to retrieve the phone I knew that I wouldn’t get there fast enough. In my head, all I could see was water seeping into every little circuit and wire.

I did what everyone does in such a situation. I trolled the internet and tried some of the remedies I’d heard: stick it in rice, let it air-dry. And while it briefly did work, eventually it just died. And I had to, out of contract, pony up for another phone.

Thankfully, these days, I have options. I also have a more expensive phone–and that new iPhone is indeed looking appealing. My son is now seven, and my daughter isn’t quite two–but she’s already absolutely besotted with my iPhone 5. She reaches her little fingers toward it whenever she can, and more often than not I find it streaked with little fingerprints (or, slightly larger one, when the boy finds it unwarranted).

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And even more thankfully, there exists something that costs less than two Starbucks lattes a month and, to the relief of many, ensures that your phone doesn’t end up costing you top dollar. Our sponsor, Protect Your Bubble, is insurance for your tech. Which, considering how much it’s used in most geek households, totally makes sense. Their iPhone coverage is cheaper than many carriers‘ (starting at $7.99/month) and it covers accidental damage, loss and theft (which most carriers don’t even bother with) and provides fast replacement. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if your tech has anywhere near the focus it does in my house. It’s nice to worry less, especially when there’s so much else to be anxious about.

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