Who's Joining Judy and Patricia at NoCo Maker Faire?

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Image credit: Northern Colorado Maker Faire.
Everything you need to know for NoCo Maker Faire is right here! Who’s in? Image credit: Northern Colorado Maker Faire.

We’re so excited that Colorado now has its very own Maker Faire! If you’re within driving distance, be sure to join GeekMom Judy and me on Saturday, October 5th at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology in Loveland, Colorado (between Denver and Fort Collins) for some Maker fun!

This is my first-ever Maker Faire and I’m beyond thrilled about going! While I plan to be there with Judy, covering it for GeekMom, my husband is very excited about getting to see 3D printing up front and personal for the first time. My sons are expressing interest in the giant Lego crane and the electronics opportunities with Boulder’s SparkFun.

I was really impressed with the number of Colorado-based Maker groups. Being a newcomer, there are many things that impress me about my new home state, such as Colorado’s sense of independence. This independence is proven with how many of the 172 booths at this weekend’s event will be local. I was tickled to see two groups near and dear to my heart on the list. Yes, they’re governmental organizations but I’m pleased to see the Maker spirit in what they’re planning to do. The US Air Force Academy STEM Club with homemade rockets as well as Boulder’s own National Center for Atmospheric Research with homemade weather observing systems will be represented. You can also enjoy other local Makers such as the Phoenix Asylum makerspace from Boulder, the Northern Colorado Weavers Guild, and the Mountain States R2 Builders.

Plan your trip to NoCo Maker Faire by visiting their website or you can follow the event on Facebook or Twitter. I plan to live-tweet the event from my own Twitter feed @vollmerdp on Saturday.

See you there!

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