It's Official: Take a Course In Pirate

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Image from Mango Languages

English: Oh, my gosh! The ship isn’t moving!

Pirate: Blow me down! The ship’s becalmed!

In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19, Mango Languages has a free course in talking like a pirate. Mango is a foreign language teaching site that your library can join and offer courses to its patrons! The Pirate course is designed like all their other courses: Several chapters in step-by-step guide to give you conversational tools, with spoken examples, pronunciation guides, and timed quizzes.

There are helpful grammar tips such as: “Keep in mind that a pirate usually doesn’t change the form of, or conjugate, the verb “to be.” Learn cultural notes like, “A ship will get becalmed by lack of wind, but poor sailing skills or a lazy crew definitively won’t help. Get your men working or make them walk the plank!”

I love that it was given all the treatment of their other courses. Who said foreign languages couldn’t be fun?

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